About Sioo


Sioo makes people and organisations more agile by allowing them to discover
how to realise organisation and change management processes in a skilled and powerful way.



Organisations – and the people working in them – must continuously anticipate the questions they may be faced with. Their agility determines their success. The question is how to do the right thing smoothly. Sioo is convinced that knowledge and organisational and change models alone are not sufficient. People and their organisations only become truly flexible when they learn about change management processes in their own context, based on their own queries, and in conjunction with their own development. This can only be achieved by weaving real-life queries into the science of organisation and change management. This is exactly what Sioo does.


What is Sioo?

Sioo is the inter-university centre that teaches people and organisations how to be agile in change management and organisational processes. Sioo was founded by eight Dutch universities in 1958. It was partly based on a joint initiative with the world of organisational consultancy. The institute designs tailor-made learning pathways. At the same time, Sioo is a platform that helps the further development of the relatively young subjects of change management and organisational science.


For who?

Sioo is for everyone faced with challenging organisational and change management queries and who consequently want to improve their skills in driving, managing, inspiring, organising and innovating. Many people, such as board members, (interim) managers, trailblazers, staff experts and advisors have already found their way to Sioo. They work for government authorities, non-profit organisations and the business world.


What does Sioo provide?

Sioo creates a powerful and inspiring learning environment. We design learning in such a way that it offers quick and visible results. The new insights can be applied the same day. People’s professionalism grows. Organisational developments can be steered in the right direction.  And theoretical and practical knowledge from the field flow together into the best solutions.
Anyone who has worked with Sioo will become fascinated by the science of organisation and change management.


Our success formula

  • We challenge you to look at change management and organisational queries from different perspectives.  This results in a broad outlook and provides the best chances of doing the right thing.
  • From day one, we combine the following three elements: deepening theoretical knowledge, application in everyday practice and personal growth. The connection between these three elements boosts the educational effect.
  • In a well thought-out way, we weave practice-oriented tuition into the learning pathways. You analyse. You find solutions. You test them. And you incorporate your experiences and results back into the learning pathway.
  • We structurally create possibilities for reflecting and sparring with people facing similar change management and organisational issues.
  • We create the space for you to discover your own personal style and further develop it.
  • You won’t find any standard courses at Sioo. We don’t believe in such things. We fine-tune the learning environment to you and your organisation. This leads to the greatest added-value - as we know from experience.


What do we have to offer?

When it comes to organisational and change management issues, Sioo knows how to seamlessly bridge the gap between science and daily practice. We’ve been successful at this for over 50 years. Sioo was founded to give the discipline a scientific and practice-oriented impulse. That’s why Sioo only employs people who are accustomed to the heat of change management and organisational processes. They have backgrounds in governing or management, or they are advisors. They know from experience, what is required to function optimally in practice. At the same time, they are passionate about contributing to the development of their chosen field. Conversely, they continually feed their thoughts and actions with scientifically applied knowledge.


When is Sioo right for you?

When it’s time to make headway with a different approach as more of the same isn’t working anymore.